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RFID Blocker Card

RFID Blocker Card

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Protect your credit, bank and access cards against unauthorised RFID scanners. This card turns any wallet into one with RFID-blocking properties. The disruptive field created by this card blocks any attack.

  • No Batteries Required
  • Slim Design to Fit Into Any Wallet
  • Disrupts All RFID & NFC Signals
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FAQ - RFID Blocker Cards

How does an RFID Blocker Card work?

RFID blocker cards work by creating a barrier that disrupts the communication between an RFID reader and the chip embedded in your credit cards, passports, or other RFID-enabled devices. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. RFID Technology: RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) uses radio waves to transmit data between a reader and a chip. Your credit card or passport likely has a tiny RFID chip containing your information.
  2. Reader's Signal: When you walk by an RFID reader (often near contactless payment terminals or security checkpoints), it sends out a radio wave signal.
  3. Chip Activation: This signal is designed to activate the RFID chip in your card, causing it to respond by transmitting its data back to the reader.
  4. Blocking Mechanism: The RFID blocker card is made with thin layers of metal mesh or special conductive materials. These materials absorb or reflect the radio waves emitted by the reader.
  5. Disrupted Communication: With the reader's signal blocked or weakened, the RFID chip in your card is unable to receive the activation signal or transmit its data back effectively.
  6. Security Shield: This essentially creates a shield around your card, preventing unauthorised readers from capturing your information.

What does an RFID Shield Card protect against?

Methods used by criminals:

  • Proximity Theft: This is the most common method. Criminals carry handheld RFID readers in crowded places like public transport, shopping malls, or even gas stations. They brush past you unnoticed, and the reader can scan your card from a short distance, stealing your data.
  • Shimming Devices: These are more sophisticated devices that can be placed over legitimate RFID readers (like at payment terminals). The skimmer captures your card's data while the legitimate reader completes the transaction.You might not even notice the difference.
  • Data harvesting: Criminals can set up scanners in areas with high RFID card traffic (like airports) to collect a large amount of data.

What makes the SecurityBase RFID Blocker Card better?

Don't let your data become vulnerable to electronic pickpockets.SecurityBase RFID Blocker Cards are built to keep your information safe,wherever you go.

In short, you get:

  • Unmatched Security: Complete RFID signals block for ultimate protection.
  • Durability: Built to last with premium materials.
  • Versatility: Fits into every wallet.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works with all RFID-enabled cards, including contactless payment, access, gym and public transport cards.
  • Warranty & Support: Peace of mind with a two-year warranty and exceptional service.
  • Australian Quality: Designed and tested locally for the highest standards.

How many cards do I need?

The good news is that a single,well-placed SecurityBase RFID Blocker Card creates a protective field around your cards,disrupting RFID signals and stopping thieves in their tracks.

If you have a large wallet or you simply want to double your protection ,we recommend the use of two RFID Blocker Cards for optimal protection. A second card placed strategically can ensure all your cards are covered.

What are the risks of RFID Theft?

  • Financial Loss: If the criminal manages to steal your credit card information, they could use it to make fraudulent purchases online or in stores. This could lead to financial losses and a hassle sorting out the issue with your bank.
  • Identity Theft: Stolen information from passports or ID cards could be used for a wider range of identity theft crimes. This could include opening new accounts in your name, applying for loans, or even obtaining medical services under your identity.
  • Data Breaches: While less common, some RFID chips might contain more than basic information. In rare cases, a stolen signal could potentially expose more sensitive data depending on the chip's functionality.


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Customer Reviews

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Emily B.
Fast delivery and fits easily in my wallet

The order was well packaged and arrived after 3 days. The card seems to work well - I tried tapping my debit card with this blocker next to it and it didn’t register a swipe!

Robert M.
RFID Blocker

Very happy with our purchase of these RFID blocker cards - very professional service and good value.

Julian B.

Goods arrived in a short time, it's a leap of faith that they work lol It's an unknowable... but I want the odds to be ever in my favour, so it's a small investment

Greg S.

I ordered RFID for credit cards & other devices. They arrived on time, as described, well packaged. I am pleased with this purchase. From a Melbourne Australia based purchaser.