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USB-C Data Blocker Pro 3.0

USB-C Data Blocker Pro 3.0

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Protect your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices against USB hacking. Our USB-C Data Blocker is an essential accessory for anyone who uses USB-C devices. The SecurityBase Data Blocker is small, lightweight, and easy to use, yet it provides guaranteed protection against juice jacking and malware, enabling fast charging with any USB C port.  

  • Simple and Effective Protection Against Juice Jacking
  • Compatible with All Devices and Charging Protocols 
  • Enables High-Speed Charging with Quick Charge 4.0
  • Compact and Lightweight Aluminium Design for Travel
  • Trusted Australian Brand Based in Adelaide
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About our USB Data Blockers

What Makes the SecurityBase USB Data Blocker Better?

SecurityBase USB Data Blockers are custom built and the perfect choice for anyone who wants superior data protection without sacrificing convenience or charging speed.

In short, you get:

  • Unmatched Security: Complete data transfer block for ultimate protection.
  • Durability: Built to last with premium materials.
  • Versatility: Works with all your devices.
  • Fast Charging: No compromise on charging speed (for many models).
  • Warranty & Support: Peace of mind with a two-year warranty and exceptional service.
  • Australian Quality: Designed and tested locally for the highest standards.

How Does a USB Data Blocker Work?

A USB data blocker adaptor works by creating a physical barrier between your device and the USB port you're plugging into. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. Targeted Functionality: The blocker focuses on the specific pins within a USB port that are dedicated to data transfer. These are typically designated as D+ and D-.
  2. Selective Blocking: The blocker's circuitry is designed to disable these data transfer pins entirely. This prevents any exchange of information between your device and the USB port.
  3. Power Delivery Unaffected: While data transfer is blocked, the blocker allows the power (V+ and GND pins) to flow freely. This ensures your device receives the necessary charge to power up.
  4. Simple Analogy: Imagine a two-lane highway. The data blocker acts like a gate that shuts down the data lanes (D+ and D-) while keeping the power lanes (V+ and GND) open for traffic flow.

Does it Impact Charging Speed?

No, our data blockers are designed to support common fast charging protocols like Quick Charge and Power Delivery.This ensures compatibility with various devices and charging speeds.

They are essentially small adapters with circuitry that blocks data transfer while allowing power to pass through.This process shouldn't interfere with the charging current.

What Does a USB Blocker Protect Agianst?

A USB data blocker primarily protects against two threats:

Data Theft: When you plug your device into a public USB port, there's a risk that malicious software on the computer connected to the port could try to steal your data. This could include sensitive information like photos, contacts, financial information, or even work documents. A data blocker acts as a barrier, preventing any data transfer from your device to the computer.

Malware Infection: Similarly, a compromised USB port could be used to install malware onto your device. This malware could then steal your data, track your activity, or even damage your device. A data blocker helps prevent this by stopping any malicious software from entering your device through the USB port.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Data Defence, No Compromise - Our proprietary circuitry ensures impenetrable security against data theft while charging, transforming any cable into a USB Data Blocker.
  • Any Device, Any Operating System, Anywhere - Our USB Power Only Adapters are 100% compatible with any USB enabled device, no software required. 
  • Lightning Fast Charge with Quick Charge 4.0 - With support for PD fast charging and Quick Charge 4.0, they deliver charging speeds that meet industry fast-charge standards.
  • Australian Design, Robust Durability - We know how regularly USB devices are inserted and removed, so we've crafted our blockers in a premium aluminium alloy, built tough for performance.
  • Extensively Tested - Our Data Blocking USB Adapter has undergone functional, security, stress and compatibility testing.


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Good quality product. Excellent service and notification