Branded Cyber Security Tools

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Posture with Branded Security Essentials

Cybersecurity is a fundamental part of every business. At SecurityBase, we understand the importance of safeguarding your organisation's sensitive information. We offer a unique solution to enhance your cybersecurity posture while promoting brand awareness: customisable cybersecurity gadgets.

Why Branded Cyber Security Gadgets?

Our security essentials are constant prompt for employees to prioritise online safety. These everyday items subtly promote best practices, contributing to a positive team culture around data protection. They are:

  • Tangible Security Measures: A constant reminders for employees to prioritise cybersecurity best practices.
  • Enhanced Security Awareness: Branded gadgets spark conversations and encourage a culture of information security within your organisation.
  • Subtle Brand Reinforcement: Displaying your logo on essential security tools subtly reinforces your commitment to data protection.
  • Ideal for Corporate Initiatives: Distribute branded gadgets at conferences, welcome new hires, or launch internal security awareness campaigns.

Our Branded Cyber Security Tools:

  • Branded USB Data Blockers: These compact devices prevent unauthorised data transfers from your devices when plugged into public USB ports. Effectively prevent data breaches with these laser engraved logo usb charge only adapters.
  • Branded Webcam Covers: Maintain privacy with a simple, user-friendly slide. Customise with your logo to promote a culture of online vigilance.
  • Branded Faraday Bags: Block unwanted signals and safeguard your devices from data breaches and tracking. Picture your logo as a secure vault, guarding your organisation's information.

Customisation for Your Brand:

We offer a range of customisation options to integrate with your brand identity. Choose from diverse colour palettes, strategic logo placements, and branding styles to create security essentials that perfectly represent your organisation. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and receive a competitive quote.

By investing in branded cybersecurity gadgets, you make a conscious decision to prioritise information security, promote awareness, and showcase your brand's commitment to data protection.

  • USB - C Data Blocker Pro 3.0 - Securitybase

    USB Data Blocker

    Branded data blockers are a relatively inexpensive way to promote security awareness within your organisation. They can be included in employee onboarding packages, distributed during security awareness campaigns, or used as conference giveaways.

    USB Data Blockers 
  • Faraday Bag

    Branded Faraday bags offer a practical and valuable tool for employees, not just for work but also for personal use. This demonstrates your commitment to their overall well-being and can be seen as a thoughtful benefit.

    Car Key Faraday Bag 
  • Webcam Cover (3) - Securitybase

    Webcam Cover

    With your logo displayed on the webcam cover,your brand gains subtle yet consistent visibility. They are a small but impactful way to promote security awareness. Branded webcam covers are a relatively inexpensive way to integrate security into your company culture.

    Webcam Covers 

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