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Webcam Hacking 101: How To Protect Yourself

There are many risks related to our activities on the internet. It is expected that cybercrime costs the world over 6 billion dollars in 2021. Thankfully, people are getting more aware of scamming techniques such as phishing and ransomware scams. However, one threat that people and organizations might not consider is webcam hacking. 

While we are all connected via our computers, phones, tablets, they can be used to spy on us.  It is an intrusive method used by cybercriminals to gain access to our private life. Therefore, it is essential to know how to prevent these security threats as soon as possible. 


How Do Hackers Gain Access To My Webcam?

A hacker can get into your webcam through various steps. The first step begins with the installation of a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) on your computer. This is a type of software commonly used by tech support whenever you need help. The software takes over your system, and they temporarily use it to fix your problems. You can install these RATs unknowingly when you download and install software from an unreliable source. After you have installed it, the hacker takes complete control of your computer, including your webcams.

The risk is not only limited to them watching your online browsing, but they can also gain free access to your private files, banking information, and other confidential documents.

Hackers are very smart, and they sometimes use the disguise of phishing emails that looks like those from legit companies you already know. Out of ignorance, you can click the link, and the software automatically installs on your device. Instantly, they will have complete access. 

How To Prevent And Stop Webcam Hacking

It is very easy to prevent hacking than to fix the problem once it has happened. If necessary security precautions are taken to protect your devices, you will have a better chance of completely avoiding hacking and spying on webcams. The following are the ways to prevent your webcam from being hacked:

1. Cover your webcam with a webcam cover 

While many people use a piece of tape, it is better to use a sliding webcam cover. This slider is attached to your computer or laptop screen and allows you to cover the webcam lens when not in use. It is very effective and there is no possibility for a hacker to bypass this physical measure. Our webcam covers are thin enough to enable you to use it on your laptop, while still able to close it. See also the webcam cover in our store.

2. Update your antivirus and other software regularly

Prevent a hacker from getting access in the first place and ensure you have effective antivirus software on your system. Update your operating system (Windows / MacOS etc.) and other software on a daily based to ensure security vulnerabilities are patched.

3. Keep your network secured and firewall activated

Don’t connect to unsecured public networks and ensure your firewall is activated to prevent unauthorised access to your computer. Ensure WPA2 protection on your network is active and change the default password on your router.

 At SecurityBase, our webcam defender ( webcam cover) protects your laptop, desktop, and tablet from webcam hacking.

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